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Barrier films
Силосные траншеи

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  • Polymer bags for grain & silage storage The basic principle of the technology is to create airtight storage. The fulfilled polymer silage bag is tightly closed at both ends, and thereby cuts off oxygen supply, creates the optimal medium for storage.
  • Silage film A good quality silo film reliably protects grass or corn silage against oxygen, aggressive sunlight, and mechanical loads.
  • Greenhouse film Our greenhouse films combine long life time, superior strength and high light transmission with optional characteristics that transform the film to an active contributor to plant protection, growth and productivity.

Greenhouse film

Полиэтиленовая пленка,  изготовленная  на самом современном оборудовании с многократным контролем качества на всех этапах производства – это лучший на сегодняшний день рабочий материал, использующийся в качестве пленки для теплиц, применяемый для упаковки и паллетирования товаров, создания тепло- и водоизоляции или защиты от мусора и пыли во время ремонтных работ – малярная полиэтиленовая пленка.
Применяющаяся в тепличном хозяйстве пленка для теплиц производства «Планета пластик» служит не только для создания благоприятного надпочвенного климата  или в качестве светостабилизирующего материала, но и способствует экономии средств, затрачиваемых на содержание теплицы, так как такая пленка для теплиц имеет гарантийный срок эксплуатации до 10 сезонов.  Использование пленки полиэтиленовой, цена на которую окупиться быстрее окончания гарантийного срока службы положительно отразиться на рентабельности производства. Определенные виды тепличной полиэтиленовой пленки обладают также антифоговыми характеристиками, препятствующими появлению капель росы на внутренней стороне теплицы.


Our greenhouse films combine long life time, superior strength and high light transmission with optional characteristics that transform the film to an active contributor to plant protection, growth and productivity.



  • The thermic effect
  • The light diffusion
  • The anti-drip effect
  • The anti-mist effect
  • The cooling effect
  • The disease control effect
  • The photoselective effects


The lifetime of a film depends on the quality and technical characteristics of the film and on the conditions of use (area, greenhouse type, installation, use of agrochemicals). Our range of greenhouse films includes products with a lifetime of up to 5 seasons, containing special combinations of UV-stabilisers and antioxidants that protect them from the harmful effect of UV light and heat for very long periods. All additive concentrates are manufactured in-house, to ensure absolute consistency in quality. UV-stabilizer formulations are based on the company's 35 years experience and know-how in this field, that's why these greenhouse films are known to always last longer than they are prescribed for.

Superior strength

Careful selection of raw materials, processing conditions and quality control procedures provide to the films excellent mechanical strength. These films offer additional safety in areas with very strong winds, or significant economy as they can be produced at a lower thickness than regular films while maintaining the same or still higher strength.

Light transmission

High light transmission is absolutely essential to plant growth. Quality of equipment and selection of materials, ensure that these films have the maximum light transmission.

Light diffusion

Light from the sun passing through a greenhouse film and entering a greenhouse is split into direct and diffused. Light diffusion causes a film to look hazy to human eye-this doesn't mean, however, that the film is less transparent. The PAR (photosynthetic active radiation) received by plants is the same. It is now generally accepted that diffused light has a positive effect on plant growth, especially for spring and summer crops and in areas with strong sunlight. Light diffusion reduces shadows, ensures more uniform distribution of light in the greenhouse so that it reaches even the lower parts of the plants, prevents burnings and offers a moderate cooling effect.

Thermic effect

We offer special 3-layer thermic films, containing a combination of EVA and Infra-Red additives skilfully structured in the 3 layers, which absorb the Infra-Red radiation and reduce heat losses throughout the night.

The advantages of thermic films are:

  • Protection from frost and low temperature.
  • Smoother temperature drop and higher night temperatures overall.
  • Reduced energy consumption for heating.
  • Higher crop yield.
  • Earlier harvesting.
  • Better quality of crops.