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Flour milling factory

We represent “Kulindorovskiy BPP” which produces one of the best wheat flour and compound feed for inner market of Ukraine. “Kulindorovskiy BPP” was established in 1981. Today the structure of factory includes:
- Elevator with a total capacity of 94.0 thousand tons
- milling complex with capacity of 500 tons of processed grain per day
- feed milling production with capacity 630 tons per day
- packaging: bulk in flour haulage, PP bags 30kg and 50kg. For retail trade – bags 2kg.

Types of wheat flour According to the Ukrainian Standart GSTU 46.004-99
Highest Grade
First Grade
Moisture, % 14,3 - 14,5 Moisture, % 14,3 - 14,5
Ash, %, 0,53 Ash, %, 0,73
Whiteness 57-58 Whiteness 44
Raw Gluten, %, 25-26 Raw Gluten, %, 26-27
Falling number 390s Falling number 390s
Delivery Terms Delivery is carried out according to international rules of INCOTERMS - FCA, FOB, CIF, CFR, or any other according to the customers request.