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Barrier films
Силосные траншеи

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  • Med_film Food and industrial production imposes strict requirements for packaging their products. Its main function is to maintain freshness of the goods for the consumer, as well as to ensure their marketable state, easy transportation, storage and distribution.
  • A-PET film ПВХ полотно предназначено для изготовления упаковки товаров промышленного назначения, таких как: - комплекты постельного белья; одеяла; подушки
  • BOPS Применяющаяся в тепличном хозяйстве пленка для теплиц производства «Планета пластик» служит не только для создания благоприятного надпочвенного климата или в качестве светостабилизирующего материала


This film is designed for any type of over wrapping on horizontal or vertical automatic machines, or any other machine used for the packing. It is made of virgin PVC resin, there is no scrap and recycle content in the product. These can make sure the high quality of the product. Characteristics: transparency & shininess lustrous colour toughness chemical resistance easy processability impact resistance excellent vacuum formation easy to thermoform Our rigid PVC film is widely applicable for the packing of all merchandise (packing material for toys, tool, gifts), and for making stationery, decoration, construction material etc. Rigid PVC Film for Stationary: This film is manufactured under high precision the advantage of toughness, high impact resistance, easy heating for the lamination and colouring process, it satisfies the requirement of stationery and can be punched, cut, laminated, printed and heat sealed to make comb binders, rulers, file folders, albums, protective covers, floppy disks etc. Rigid PVC for Packing and Folding: This film is transparent and impact resistance suitable for packing toys, gifts, clothes, cosmetics and food. It can fully demonstrate the characteristics of packed items, so it will not fail to achieve the sound results in display & exhibition. In addition this type of film can satisfy the needs for folding. Rigid PVC Film for Offset Printing PVC film is suitable for printing, thus exposing a vast variety of applications such as playing cards, this also possess curve resistance, high impact resistance and excellent laminability. After printing and laminating, this film can be used to make credit cards, registration cards, ID cards etc. It can go through the vacuum forming process to produce 3dimensional advertisements and 3dimensional sign boards. Moreover this PVC is majorly used in water treatment purpose, collar patty & butterfly.